About Company

Our Advantages

The advantages of the company are the following: the compliance with quality standards with an individual approach to every client, as well as the presence of a selective approach and intention, focused on the rapid development with self-improvement. Furthermore, feeling as a part of the client’s business, the company aspires to define and meet all client’s requirements.

The Individual approach

Applying the standards of approach in dealing with clients, it is often impossible to completely reveal opportunities and ensure mutually beneficial cooperation. That is why the company is developing rapidly, forming optimal conditions for cooperation with both permanent and new partners. We realize many marketing techniques, we hold a variety of promotional offers and create unique facilities of partnership.

Quality Standards

The company is distinguished by the quality standards with counterparties, as well as by the principles focused on the competence of employees. Before getting access to cooperation with another partner, specialists are mandatory testing under hard terms (more than 30 courses and tests).

The Information base

Platform MS Dynamics AX – the implemented corporate system of the new generation. It provides a qualitative processing of information, making an optimal exchange of documents, as well as working with contractors at the proper level. Specially designed protected areas (“My Account”, etc.) provide customers the full access to information about cooperation.


The quality is provided with the reliability of given. It is achieved by documenting agreements up to the smallest details. From time to time, this may cause some discontent and time delay, but this cooperation allows to effectively solving any problem situations.

The Approach and development

The company fulfills obligations only on those transactions that can execute its employees. In other words, we do not give doubtful promises and we do sign the contracts the terms of which will be simply impracticable. With the honest approach to business, specialists improve business process, beneficially solve the problems of logistics and optimize any charges. Relationship of trust and mutual business development – the intentions set for mutually beneficial cooperation with any customer.

Our values

The company offers a variety of solutions aimed for customer requests. Actively investing in long-term relationships, the company does not lag in development, and in cooperation with a variety of suppliers. Minimizing the number of documents, infrastructure development, interdepartmental interaction – only a part of the “one stop principle” that allows showing the professionalism of managers in dealing with the key and another customer. Having made all employees responsible for the final result, the company has determined compliance with all obligations at the highest level.

The Human Resource

The company attracts a lot of professionals, as well as the staff develops. Having provided the necessary working environment for the specialists, we always manage objectives to be achieved, adhering to business standards in communications. To ensure the full production process, each employee is encouraged, moreover, he also has the opportunity to initiate in solving any problem.

The Result

The work is focused on achieving operational excellence, regardless of the features and direction and of business. The correction of activity, the monitoring of efficiency are the targets set for continuous improvement. By motivating the staff, we manage to exceed the expectations of a partner (high quality) and suffice each employee.

The cooperation

Focusing on high-quality results (from contractors), using modern technologies and fully implementing the commitments, we obtained to win the confidence of a partner, as well as respect for him. Stability, financial transparency of signed contracts and compliance with generally accepted safety standards – are the main objectives of the company. Any specialist works only in a team, using skills and at the same time thinking systematically, with full focus on business dealing. This allows us to take the lead in the field of our activity, and take an active part at any stage of production, managing even the smallest changes.

After many years of work, our experience has formed its own quality standards. Of course, we do not lose sight of the ISO standards, which give us the basic requirements for the control system.

KPI with customers:

  • KPI with all contractors working as the part of the entire supply chain, is based on the internal accounting system of quality STS Logistics;
  • Our company focuses on the training and testing of all members of staff at the highest level in accordance with the requirements of customers KPI.

Private control of the quality of service

  • Execution of work in due time;
  • Safety and integrity of transported cargo;
  • Established system of notifying the client of cargo location.

What does the safety of a cargo include:

  • Obligatory and complete verification of transport and drivers before transportation by the technical and economic security of the company;
  • The use of GPRS, wireless and satellite communications for continuous monitoring the route and location of cargo;
  • Huge variety of insurance packages.

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